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Yo Ching: Ancient Knowledge for Streets Today (Eng...

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Yo Ching: Ancient Knowledge for Streets Today (English Edition)
5 Opiniones de clientes

Opiniones de clientes

Nailed it!
This is absolutely amazing. It told me to stop tripping, which I have been, everything is going to be fine and I’m going to make that money. The breaks told me that I don’t like that I’ve been getting help because I want to do it on my own but I’ll get over it when I see that no one can mess with me because of their help. Also very true. - Tabitha
Hell Yes
This version of the ancient I Ching has that rare stroke of true understanding mixed with genius. It has seriously benefited my life and my understanding of the I Ching. It's especially useful for modern times, when the ancient images of geese, etc from the traditional commentaries are less accessible and even contextually confusing. I use the Yo Ching almost every day, and it has furthered my understanding of cosmic wisdom dramatically. It's also a lively and fun read, very entertaining - but without losing its accuracy.
Old school knowledge and deep ass thoughts
Distilled 3000 year old knowledge for the streets of today. True Player ’s guidance will help you go from from assy to classy.

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Ching Chong Yo Bitch

Ching Chong Yo Bitch

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