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El fabricante de helados (Narrativa empresarial): este es el mejor producto, obtuvo una opinión promedio de 4,9 con 39 opiniones

Cuisinart Fabricante de helados y helados | Hace helados: Mejor relación calidad-precio, la opinión media es 4,6 con 1051 opiniones

Mejor producto

Mejor producto
El fabricante de helados (Narrativa empresarial)
39 Opiniones de clientes

Opiniones de clientes

Muy bien
Libro muy interesante y en muy buen estado.
Buen libro,
Buen libro, es de fácil lectura y con una narrativa de la que aprendes muy buenos consejos para la práctica de cualesquiera que quiera mejorar las formas de hacer las cosas
Muy interesante (sobretodo para los jefes de una empresa)
Muy interesante el libro. Ojalá todos los jefes de este país leyeran este libro. Es un libro donde te hace entender lo importante que es tener una plantilla estable, comprometida y contenta. También te enseña a entender a los clientes, ya que primeramente el trabajador tiene que está contento en su trabajo para poder dar una buena atención comercial.

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Mejor relación calidad-precio

Mejor relación calidad-precio
Cuisinart Fabricante de helados y helados | Hace helados, helados, sorbetes, yogur congelado | acero inoxidable | ICE100BCU
1.051 Opiniones de clientes
Cuisinart Fabricante de helados y helados | Hace helados, helados, sorbetes, yogur congelado | acero inoxidable | ICE100BCU
  • Hace 1,5 l de deliciosos helados caseros, gelato, yogur congelado o sorbete en tan solo 40 minutos.
  • El sistema de compresor profesional significa que no hay necesidad de precongelar el recipiente y no hay necesidad de esperar entre lotes.
  • 2 palas de mezcla, una para helado y otra para gelato para dar a tu receta la cantidad adecuada de aire para una textura perfecta.
  • Fácil de usar. Simplemente añade ingredientes y enciéndelo. Añade coberturas adicionales a través de la tapa durante la cocción, como nueces, chips de chocolate, trozos de frutas y salsas para un efecto ondulado.
  • Sabor y sabor inmejorables, fabricado con ingredientes frescos.

Opiniones de clientes

Does what it should.
We took the plunge and bought this as my wife can now make Slimming World friendly ice-cream (frozen yogurt). The only thing I'd say was slightly disappointing was that in all of the on-line videos showing this they all have a hinged flap in the lid to add ingredients during mixing, well here in the UK you don't get this as it's only supplied with a solid lid and the only way to have one is to import it from the US. But it makes fantastic ice-cream and does a great job, exactly what we wanted.
Be careful of your waistline
I tried the "bowl in the freezer" method first to see if a) I could make decent ice cream and b) if It wouldn't be a fad and end up in the back of the cupboard like so many kitchen gadgets. Well as a ice cream lover I moved on to look at a more sophisticated model. After reading many reviews this seemed to be the machine to buy and I have not been disappointed. Others have commented on noise, size etc but neither of these bother me. The noise is no noisier than any other gadget and it is doing what you bought it for i.e. freezing and churning. To help with keeping portions at a respectable level I bought 4oz plastic pots with lids that quickly fill up the freezer. It is very simple to use, -make the ice cream mix, turn machine on, set timer, I found 30 minutes suits my method, and then it'd done. The bowl and paddle lift out and are easy to clean. To make a second batch, maybe try other flavours, the freezing aspect of this machine allows you to start straight away without waiting around. But if you are an ice cream devotee like me the chance to make proper real ice cream is too good to miss, but beware your waistline might start to grow
Some of the best icecream I've ever had
I bought this icecream maker back in early 2016, and it's now getting towards late 2017 and I still love it. The favourite in this household is the Ben's Chocolate recipe from Ben & Jerry's icecream recipe book - I make it with Lindt chocolate and it's honestly the smoothest icecream I've ever had. We made maple pecan at christmas time, and the fresh crisp pecans which hadn't had the chance to go soggy after sitting in a store freezer or freezer van were an absolute revelation. Incredible! After seeing some of the other reviews here, I think it's time to think about some coffee flavoured icecream! The really wonderful thing about this machine is that you don't have to wait in between batches - there's no need to find space in your freezer for a giant bowl to pre-freeze before churning - you just finish one batch with one flavour, and move onto the next batch with a different flavour! Update 3 years on - this machine is still going strong and has had zero issues. Still a five star purchase.

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